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Aehra manufacturing was founded in 2017 by a journeyman machinist and CNC programmer. After working in the CNC machining industry for over 20 years he decided to follow his dream and open his own CNC machine shop. We have expertise in many different industries.

Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Hydraulics, Nuclear, Oil industries, Transportation etc.

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Doosan DNM5700 15K with Samchully 4th axis attachment

Main Features:

  • High precision, direct coupled spindle design with (11 / 18.5 kw \ 15 / 25 hp motor,15,000 rpm)
  • Rigid tapping
  • Cam Type, Double Arm ATC (40 tools)
  • Fast rapid traverse rate (X - 36 m/min \ 1,417 ipm, Y - 36 m/min \ 1,417 ipm, Z - 30m/min \ 1,181 ipm)
  • Doosan Smooth Surface Package (SSP). Includes AICC II 200 block look ahead, Jerk Control and Nano Smoothing
  • Renishaw probe ready (OMI-2T optical receiver and GUI software only)
  • Doosan Tool Load Monitoring and Adaptive Feedrate Control
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Doosan LYNX220 LSYC

Main Features:
  • Large 2.625" bar capacity
  • High speed 45-4,500 rpm spindle
  • 12 station with 24 position indexing heavy duty servo controlled turret and 0.11 second next station index
  • Rigid 30 degree one piece cast iron slant bed
  • Large 11.8" maximum turning diameter
  • Main - sub spindle synchronization
  • Fast 1,417 ipm Z axis rapid traverse
  • Full contouring C-Axis on main and sub spindle
  • Y axis mill / drill with rigid tapping on both main spindle, sub spindle and rotary tools.
  • 6,000 rpm 5 hp rotating tool spindle motor. Live tools can be mounted on all stations
  • Y-Axis turret with 4.13” (±2.065”) total travel
  • Doosan Tool Load Monitoring System

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Our Easy To Navigate Customer Quote Process

  • Email your drawings(up to 100MB). If your file is larger, please call us. Our Email system is secure but if you are at all concerned about sending us secure files, please send by courier.
  • We will review the drawings and determine if it's a good fit for our team.
  • We will price it for you and give you a good estimate on how long it's going to take to complete the project.
  • We submit the complete quotation in writing for your records.
  • Once you approve the written quotation, your company then completes the purchase order and we get down to business.

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